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Doom enemys: Hell ya


Health: 20
Weapon: pistol     The Zombiemen  They're slow and weak. And, you get an ammo clip after killing one.
Weapon to use: pistol

Shotgun Guy

Health: 30
Weapon: shotgun     The Shotgun Guy is tougher. More health, much better weapon. You get a shotgun after killing him.
Weapon to use: shotgun


Health: 60
Weapon: fireballs, fingernails     This is where they start getting tough. The Imp throws fireballs at you or scratches you at close range.
Weapon to use: pistol or shotgun

Heavy Weapon Dude

Health: 70
Weapon: chaingun     These chaingunners will snuff you out, if you're not careful. He steps up to you and fires his chaingun non-stop until you kill him. At least you get a chaingun after snuffing him out
Weapon to use:
This guy is dangerous . one shot with a supershotgun will kill him.


Health: 150
Weapon: teeth     Demons are about the easiest enemies to kill. Their only weapon is their teeth, so they can't hurt you unless they're right next to you. They're strong and fast, though.
Weapon to use: shotgun or supershotgun


Health: 400
Weapon: fireballs     Cacodemons fly around, hurling fireballs at you. They're a little tough to kill considering they're strong and can fly.
Weapon to use: chaingun

Lost Soul

Health: 100
Weapon: itself     Lost Souls thier nothing to worry about. They fly around, and every now and then they rush toward you, biting you. They are  a problem when there's a Pain Element near you
Weapon to use: shotgun or supershotgun

Hell Knight

Health: 500
Weapon: green fireballs, fingernails     They're strong, fast, and they throw green fireballs at you.  they can scratch you too.
Weapon to use: plasma gun

Baron of Hell

Health: 1000
Weapon: green fireballs, fingernails     just like the Hell Knight and twice as strong.
Weapon to use: plasma or BFG


Health: 500
Weapon: plasma bullets     The Arachnotron  is hard to kill. It walks around making screeching noises until it finds you and snuffs you out with plasma bullets. You don't even get a plasma rifle after killing one.
Weapon to use: rocket launcher//otherwise kill him with a plasma gun or a supershotgun

Pain Element

Health: 400
Weapon: Lost Souls     The Pain Element flies around slowly while it spits out Lost Souls These demons can't really hurt you, but they can sure slow you down. They can quickly fill up a room with Lost Souls until you can't keep up any longer. After you kill one, it blows up into several more Lost Souls//harmless in a cage unless lost soul escapes
Weapon to use: kill it fast with a BFG


Health: 300
Weapon: guided and unguided missiles, fist     The Revenant launches guided and unguided missiles at you and is a hell of a fighter.
Weapon to use: hit him with your fist or use a plasma gun


Health: 600
Weapon: duel fireballs     A lot like a large Imp, But unlike the Imp, the Mancubus fires fireballs in pairs, making them very hard to get away from.
Weapon to use:
 use a super shotgun. Otherwise, get the job done with a rocket launcher or plasma gun.


Health: 700
Weapon: fire     The ArchVile is just about the last thing you want to see. They're hard to kill, and they raise the dead back to life.  every few seconds, they burn you and throw you in the air leaving you helpless for a few seconds//a bunch of these guys would be hard to beat with out invulnerbility
Weapon to use: BFG or rocket launcher

The Spider Mastermind


Health: 3000
Weapon: high-powered triple chaingun     The thing that makes Doom hard to play  The Spider Demon boss is a large spider with a high powered chaingun.
Weapon to use: kill spiderdemon with a BFG or rocket launcher

The Cyberdemon 

Health: 4000
Weapon: rocket launcher      The Cyberdemon is very hard to get close to launching three rounds of rockets at you
Weapon to use: rocket launcher or plasma//try snuffing him out with just a super shotgun

SS Nazi

Health: 50
Weapon: pistol     These guys only appear in the two secret levels of Doom 2. They march up to you and fire a pistol non-stop.
Weapon to use:shotgun//or rocket launcher ya cool

Commander Keen

Health: 100
Weapon: none     You're playing the second secret level of Doom 2.  you have to kill them to finish the level. They each are supposed to look like a 2 D platform game character named Commander Keen. It was Id's biggest seller before Wolfenstein 3d.
Weapon to use: a supershotgun

End Boss


Health: 250
Weapon: enemies     The End Boss is on level 30 of Doom 2. You start out in a room full of weapons and health. After you go through a teleporter

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